September 6, 2014

7 signs of Nothing....

The whole Facebook is going crazy about articles like 16 signs you are real Mumbaikar / Punekar / 'XYZ'kar, or or 13 signs you love Coffee / Tea / Whiskey / Water / Oxygen / Nitrogen / Argon / 'Periodic Table' gas or 18 Indian Cuisines you must try in your lifetime, some 999999 reasons why you love food, 10 signs why you can't live without your dog / why men are lazy / why wives are nagging / why - why - why etc., some 0.01 reasons why you love to study or 14 signs if you are loyal to your partner, or some 3.14 reasons why you love pie (you see what I have done here? Cool...) I decided to crook, I mean cook some 7 signs of nothing....

1. There is Nothing (Center-Aligned)...

2. It is spelled as 'N - O - T - H - I - N - G':

3. Center - Top Aligned Nothing:

4. Center - Bottom Aligned Nothing:

5. lowercase nothing

6. Then there is Italic Nothing

7. Also don't forget the Underlined Nothing:

However you can also add your own signs of nothing like Bold Nothing, Times New Roman Nothing, Colored Nothing... So go on create some more signs of Nothing...(and don't forget to add pictures!)

March 25, 2014

English Sense of Humor

Just now experienced an 'English' sense of humor and couldn't stop myself from chuckling. This small incident showed smiling side of ever serious British man.

A gentleman got separated from his wife on  London station due to the crowd. He got into the first coach and his wife boarded the last one. His wife didn't have a mobile. So she requested the ticket checker to make an announcement. This was his announcement:

T. C.: This announcement is for Mr.
***** who might be sitting in coach one. Your wife has boarded the train and she is in the last coach. She will meet you once we are at the next station which will take about 30 mins. Till then ENJOY your next half an hour.

February 25, 2014

Sisyphus - mind vs brain

The fight that a sensitive mind goes through with itself is something that trouble me a lot. It's like a battle you can't win or lose. It's a perpetual struggle like a story of Sisyphus. In Greek mythology Sisyphus was a king punished by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat this action forever. Struggle with oneself is like this story.

We convince our emotional and sensitive mind that the world is practical and you need to think practically, with your brain. This task is similar to that of carrying huge boulder up a hill. As soon as we convince our mind the same, something happens and it rolls back to it's original self and becomes more vulnerable. We helplessly watch this happening over and over again.

I think this happens with artists more often. They struggle to live in this harsh practical world. Their own little dream world where they live is always under threat. I can vouch for it through my own experience as a poet and writer. It's really difficult to fight with your own brain every day, every moment, get convinced and eventually fall back to the original state of mind to start the fight all over again...

October 28, 2013

Time Machine

Yes, I have found time machine which can take me to the past... And I think most of us will be able to relate to this time machine.

This time machine is nothing but our college or school...

Whenever I visit my college, it takes me to the past. It takes me those lectures which I attended. It takes me the exact bench which I occupied. My friends who were there besides me. It takes me to the moments when those lectures were fun, boring, exciting, sleepy, interesting and sometimes off... It takes me to all those breaks, lunch times, tea times, dinner times. It makes my taste buds remember the exact taste of the food (where all the food items have the same gravy). It takes me to those discussions over steamy tea, hot and intense debates along with crispy gossips about friends and teachers. It takes me to the toilets who's walls are filled with all the breaking news, recent developments etc. This time machine walks me through the lobbies and corridors along with my friends. This machine makes me re-live the moments full of emotions, drama, love friendship, fun, tension etc etc. This time machine reduces my age and makes me feel younger. It takes me those corners which have been made special by the special moments...

Basically its like a blast from the past. You remember so many things so closely that you actually feel like you are in the past...

July 31, 2010

'Pay it Forward' Day...

Dost Log,

Here I am, sitting in my bed, at 01:49am and thinking about the Friendship Day. Obviously ‘overflowing’ with all those good old memories from school, childhood, college (graduation and MBA). It is like an avalanche of thoughts...

As I am miles away from my family, friends, loved ones, and motherland; I tend to think a lot (lot of philosophical) about purpose of life, our existence etc. So, I am struggling with storm of thoughts rushing through my mind. A strange loneliness has filled up my mind. I am relishing and missing all those small things I used do. Night outs with friends, trips, long bike rides, car drives, fights, fun, jokes, PJ’s, teasing, bugging, studies, maggi’s, snaps, birthday parties, cakes, food, tapri chai, kanada bhaji, missal-paav, sports, games, all the festivals, entrance exams, classes, lectures, bunks, proxy’s, library, canteen, college day’s, social functions/gatherings/annual days, performances and what not... there are millions of things. So I thought I won’t be repeating those, but to appeal my dear friends about something. Hope you people don’t take it as a ‘Gyan’ or lecture...

When I was in the school, I was unaware, ignorant and didn’t care about the world except my family. And when I faced the world, it was NOT something that I expected. Reality kicked hard. There are so many moments of Devine despair. However instead of taking this as a defeat, I have decided to face it and change it. I want to turn this upside down. So how am I going to do this? Well, I am going to refer to a movie, ‘Pay it forward’.

“Think of an idea to change our world and put it into ACTION”. Sounds strange, weird, vague, difficult and blah blah... but why can’t it be ‘Possible’? So, I have decided to do this, on this friendship day I am going to think something I can do for one of my friends which might change his/her life. This can be doing something, calling, meeting, helping or anything. The only thing I can do is make him/her happy. Do something good for your friends. But don’t just stop there, carry it forward. If someone does something good to you, carry that good things forward by doing something good for the next friend of yours. Talk to your old friends, listen to them, listen to their pain, and try to reduce/eliminate that... Don’t just party and forget about the world around you. And if you start with people you are friends with, who knows in someday your mind might get broad enough for all the poor, disabled, needy, powerless and scared people, people who have left hope and you can be friend to them.

After all, it’s up to you to try doing this or ignoring this, BUT I am going to do this and follow it religiously throughout my life. These ‘chains’ are much better than the chain mails or those reference chains because they will create and strengthen the thread of friendship and love. Pay the goodness forward.

On this friendship day, at least try transforming few moments of a day for your friend.

God bless you all and thanks a ton for being there for me...

May 14, 2010

What a beautiful word!!!! Today, as you read through this passage, try to figure out your passion. This passion can be about anything, but you should remember that passion is different than your hobby. Passion is more intense. You create '25th hour' in your day, just for your passion. It’s the thing which makes you forget about everything, only your passion and you share that common space. If you ask me, my passion is writing. Then, that writing can be anything, may some text, may be some experience, may be a poem or may be just jotting down my emotions at a particular time, or whatever that comes to my mind. Passion is not for the others, it should satisfy you. I feel so relieved after I write anything. All my emotions get vent to express. I write for myself. Same way you should think hard to find your passion. Then it can be cooking, gardening, reading, dancing or as simple as cutting newspaper articles and pasting them in a notebook. It can be anything. Do think over it and find out your passion. If you are confused in life and don't know what to do, whom to ask; instead of thinking hard about negative things around you or future and taking tension, do think about your passion. Talk to yourself and you will get your direction automatically.

April 6, 2010

Some Random Thoughts...

Loneliness is the only best friend one can have. When I think about this loneliness, you know what comes in my mind? He is a person who’s very shabby, down, gloomy, unshaven, dirty and walking all alone on the streets. Loneliness is like a village without any human presence; it’s like the last leaf on the tree; it’s like the lost ship in the storm... But this Loneliness teaches you a great lesson- ‘You are all alone in this world and you have to face all the things on your own.’ I mean, sometimes the situations are like that, you are all alone, all your friends are busy in their life, no one is there for you. Then you become strong. God gives you this lesson which you learn the hard way, and hence you never forget it.

Who am I?
Who am I? Am I the fourth member of a family; or a guy from this city; or a citizen of India; or a human being living on this earth; or an infinitesimally small living organism in this infinite universe? Who am I? As we increase the radius of the sphere, we realize that we are no one. We are not even 0.0000000000000000……0000001% of this universe. Still we build n number of walls around us. I am of this race, this religion, this cast…and this is not enough we have gender bias. What can I say about this? I think all the Saints reach to this stage where they think, ‘who are we? we are nothing in front of this huge canvas of God’s creation’. And look what are we doing to this beautiful Earth? We are sucking every bit out of her. And we are dishonoring our own brothers and sisters.

Web of Relations
Have you ever thought about the web of relations we weave around us throughout our lives? Ya, definitely we weave a very complex and huge web, our parents, relatives, their relatives, childhood friends, schools friends, tuition friends, college friends, colleagues, boss and many more. But do we maintain the important threads of this web? De we take special efforts for that? Rather we entangle ourselves in maintaining the not-so-important threads… Every relation needs maintenance. We should respect our prime relations. They are difficult to maintain, but not impossible. Whenever we introduce “P & L” account in our relations then the life’s Balance Sheet goes for a toss.

March 31, 2010

Why do we grow up?

I don’t know why do we grow up? We just forget the little threads of happiness which make our childhood special. We grow up catching more and more Money, but we forget the excitement we had during our childhood. We forget the innocence we had during our childhood. We run behind the big things, but we forget the small things that we have already. Do you remember the last time when you took out time from your busy schedule and watched sun set, or searched a hidden bird in the tree who is singing, played with the curtains, slept over washed cloths (this used to make my mom angry), and many things which you love to do? Have you given time for yourself recently? You simply forget about the treasure you have with you and look for the external treasure. Loving parents, close friends, and all the love around you makes you the real you. You should not forget this and moreover you should give time to yourself. Keep that 'Kid' alive in you. This will make your life good…

March 28, 2010

These kind of days...

This kind of days are often for me… Days when you don’t feel like doing anything and you keep on thinking everything aimlessly. You can’t tell exactly what the hell is going through your mind. You keep on moving from a jungle of thoughts to another storm of thoughts. You start thinking about your childhood days. You remember your good old friends. You miss those moments when you had fights, you played various games with them, cheered them, partied hard, each and everything you can think about. Then suddenly you think of your college days. Your new group, new world outside the school, new horizons, new crushes, new meanings of same old relations, some of special moments…Thoughts just keep coming in your mind and you get engulfed in them… Not necessarily these thoughts make you nostalgic, but they surely unsettle the deep currents in your mind. They disturb you, but you can’t do anything about it. You keep on thinking and try to peep into future. You think what will be my future, where will I be in the future, who will be with me, where will be my friends? These unanswerable questions ruffle you. You can’t find the answers and that is why you tend to keep on thinking. It is not easy to get out of that loop of thoughts. Right now I have become a part of this type of loop and that’s why I’m writing. My words are may not be in the sequence and you may find this paragraph of mine is useless, but a person who is experiencing this kind of trauma, will understand my suffocation….

March 13, 2010

मन कातरवेडे

का भरून येती डोळे, का मन होई कातरवेडे?
का ऐकून मधुर तराणे, मन होई सुंदर गाणे?

का आभाळ येता भरुनी, मन नाचे मोर होउनी?
का पाउस जुना आठवुनी, मन बरसे अश्रु होउनी?

का ऐकून हळवे सुर, मन होई भाव विभोर?
का ऐकून बालगीतास, मनास फुटती पंख?

का मन हसते-रडते?
का मृदगंधित अत्तर होते?
का चंचल वारे पीते?
का भिउनी लपून बसते?
का वेडे हळवे होते?
का भूल-भुलैया होते?

का मनात असते प्रीती, खोल तळाशी दडूनी?
का असती इन्द्रधनुषी, मनाच्या आतून भिंती?